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Air Conditioning

Once only really considered for office or commercial areas, Air Conditioning solutions have come a long way and have become an increasingly popular choice over recent years within domestic situations.


The flexibility and  wide range of variety within the A/C family of systems, allows the convenience to heat and cool any area big or small within your home. With the aesthetic consideration of domestic settings now catered for, the choices range from simple wall mounted units to advanced heat recovery systems. At SA Technical Services we cater for everything, from the design and planning stage all the way through to installation and servicing thereafter.

With a multitude of options available, get in touch to see which system suits your requirements best.


Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV), or Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) as it's more commonly known, is an energy recovery ventilation system which works between two sources acting at different temperatures.


Heat recovery is a method which is becoming increasingly popular as we strive for greener and more efficient ways to heat our homes and in turn reduce our energy consumption and bills.  By recovering the residual heat from the exhaust air, the fresh air introduced into the system is pre-heated and the fresh air temperature is increased before entering the room.


Most domestic Heat Recovery system consists of a power unit, ducting for fresh and exhaust air, and a fan. The exhaust air is either used as a heat source or heat sink depending on the climate, environmental conditions and time of year. Heat recovery systems can typically recover any where from 60 to 95% of the heat in exhaust air and have significantly improved the energy efficiency and consumption in our homes and workplaces.


We believe one of the most effective ways to reduce our energy demand is to use energy more efficiently. Waste heat recovery is becoming more and more popular route for homeowners